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As we grow and have the ability to offer more, both Megan and I agreed we wanted to help athletes who were serious about getting to their highest possible level. 

We are excited to announce we have sponsored our first athlete, Jill Seamon.

We me Jill while working at CrossFit Ironborough and we could tell right away she was a dedicated, driven athlete. 

I feel like I’ve seen somewhere that you might like ice cream a bit. What’s your favorite kind and when do you like to have it?

I LOVE ICE CREAM. My favorite kind depends on what I’m in the mood for. I love soft serve chocolate with rainbow sprinkles, and the best I’ve ever had is from a place called Dairy Delite in Langhorne, PA. From a carton, Turkey Hill Dutch Chocolate cannot be beat. It’s so simple, but creamy and quality. 

 Anywhere else, the more chocolatey it is and chocolatey things it has in it, the better… flavors like “Double Fudge Brownie”, “Chocolate I Don’t Give a Fork”, or “Triple Chocolate Supreme” are ones I gravitate towards. I get my love of ice cream from my mom and grandfather, who insists that 8:30 every night is ice cream time. I’m not always that exact, but especially in the summer time, I eat ice cream just about every night.
What the first sport you every played? What was your favorite sport you’ve played?

The first organized sport I ever played was softball. It was fun until I decided to give track and field a try instead, then someone put a javelin in my hand and the rest is history. 

My favorite sport, that’s a tough one, I really enjoyed basketball when it was fun. I also have a really good time playing volleyball at the beach with my cousins. I wish I would have played volleyball for real.
What super specific thing are you working on right now?

Keeping my core through endurance gymnastic work, like handstand walking and muscle ups. I need to be better and faster at muscle ups, specifically I’m working on keeping tension on the rings and pulling my “arms to ears” (cue from Nick Sorrel of Brute Strength) so I catch the muscle up higher, making them easier, so I can do more, so I can be more awesome.

You’ve had some really cool opportunities recently to go train with people like Michael McKenna and at the OTC. Can you tell us about that and some of the things you picked up?

[My coach] Mischa was getting her USA-Weightlifting certification with Mike McKenna and was telling him how she has a lifter (me) who has potential, so he told her to have me sign up for the East Coast Gold Classic (ECG Classic) in May. I had to email Leo Totten, the meet director and head honcho of ECG to ask to be added to the list since registration had already reached the cap. 

 He seemed confused, but said he would talk to Mike and let me lift. Like “who is this last minute chick who has never lifted in a meet before that Mike is trying to let in?” 

Well, I snatched 83kg (183 pounds) then power cleaned 103kg (226 pounds). Then Coach Totten understood. He invited me to be part of East Coast Gold Weightlifting team and to come to camp at the OTC in Lake Placid. 

You can read my blog post for all the details about camp. It was awesome experience. 

The main thing they are working on with me is being more patient in my pull, not raising up on my toes too early, then finishing the third pull and pulling myself under the bar. Since I can power clean more than I can squat clean, a big thing for me is to 1. squat more 2. perfect the timing of getting around and under the bar in the squat clean, because ultimately that will allow me to lift the most weight. 

It’s really cool to be around weightlifters; it’s different than Crossfit, but pretty similar to the throwing events (Mike is also a former Blue Hen thrower under Coach Larry Pratt!). Everyone I’ve met on my weightlifting journey has been awesome so far, and I’m excited to see where this aspect of my career takes me.
What non-training activities do you like to do?

I really like just laying on my couch or sitting on my deck haha I enjoy reading, watching my shows, cooking, and eating wings with my friends. I love going home to hang out with my family. Odd hobbies… I play the guitar here and there.  

If you could have one ask of people, what would it be?

I would ask people to be the best possible version of themselves that they can be. It’s not always easy, but if you try to look at life in a positive light and be grateful for all that you have, we can make the world a slightly happier place.

Where can people follow what you’re up to?

They can follow me on facebook, instagram (@jillianjav153), snapchat (@jilliewillie14), and my blog here. The Grid League matches will be streamed live for subscribers at 

Here are a few links I dug up on Jill that may also be of interest:

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