Affiliate Summer Slam Mobility: WOD #2 + Floater

Affiliate Summer Slam is only a few days away and we now have all of the workouts. There are some intricacies to how each one will play out so be sure to look at the FaceBook postings comments to have all of your questions answered. 

The good part of having all of the workouts is you can also start planning your warm-ups. To help you out with it, we have a guide to the most bang-for-your-buck mobilizations for each workout. 

We’ve already posted a warm-up guide for WOD 1 here so this is all about being ready for those heavy cleans, handstands, and rope climbs. 

Workout #2 

The Hang Squat Clean Ladder
:50 seconds to lift
:10 to rotate
Bars 1-3: 3 Reps
Bars 4-6: 2 Reps
Bars 7-12: 1 Rep

Men’s Weights

3 @ 150, 165, 180

2 @ 195, 210, 225
1 @ 240, 255, 270, 285, 300, 315

3 @ 93, 103, 113
2 @ 123, 133, 143
1 @ 153, 163, 173, 183, 193, 203

It’s simple really, a heavy hang clean ladder that you need to get through quickly. Luckily, the warm-up we talked about for the first WOD will serve you will with the heavy cleans you are about to encounter. 

There are a few extra things you can do to be on point for the weights.

Activate: Back and Core

Hanging on to a heavy clean is all about how tight you can get your core and how active your upper back is. If either one of these key pieces are not there, the elbows will drop and you will not be making the lift. By doing some activation sets, they will be fired up and ready to work. 

It’s important to note that activation sets are not working sets. You are trying to squeeze the muscles we are want to work, not beat them into submission. Choose light weights and high sets to get the benefit. 

Upper Back Activation

Band Pull Aparts – Hold a light band at arms distance with your elbows locked out. Set the shoulder blades down (not back yet) and tense your core. Try to pinch your shoulder blades together to pull the band apart. The band should end up at about the level of your collar bone. 

Remember, lighter is better. We are just trying to fire the muscles up, not tax them. If you can get a good solid squeeze each time, you don’t need to be shaking in the process to make it work. 

Alternative Exercise Options – Face pulls with rings, reverse flyes, dumbbell rows.

Core Activation

Hollow Holds – Lay on your back, legs together, looking straight up at the sky. You DO NOT need to put your hands above your head for this to work. That position is a progression and, in this case, I would not suggest doing it here to save your shoulders from doing work they don’t need to. 

Take a breath in, exhale, and THEN come up into the hollow position, trying to flex your abs as much as possible to get you there. Don’t just snap up. Try to squeeze your abs to get you there. Hold the top of each one for 3-5 seconds and then relax for a breath or two. 

Alternative Exercise Options – Handstand holds, L-Sit on parallettes, Dying Bugs, Planks.


Now that everything is firing, you are pretty much ready to go. Do some LIGHT reps of the hang clean and focus on the pattern and your technique. There is no point in warming up with heavier weights because the beginning of the ladder is your warm up. Don’t waste energy that you are probably going to want for later. 

Floater WOD

6min AMRAP

Max Handstand Push-Ups

Max Rope Climbs 15’

I love seeing competitions that include rope climbs. Most events simply don’t have the space or capacity to make it work but CF Generation is going big.

Handstand Push-Ups

The big thing here is to minimize the amount of overhead restriction you have and keeping your core locked in. Utilizing the Prisoner Stretch, which we discussed in the first article will get you 90% of the way there. To get that last 10%, you will probably need to get into your rotator cuff. 

Because of the nature of our style of exercise, most of us have tension in our rotator cuff that takes away that last bit of motion at the top. Luckily, we can loosen it up somewhat easily. 

Place one end of a long PVC pipe on the ground up against something so it won’t slide, and place a lacrosse ball on the other end. Now, and this is going to sound strange, but you are going to put the ball in your armpit. To access the part of the rotator cuff we are trying to release, the best access is in the armpit. 
When you get the ball in there, you can lean against the PVC pipe to apply more pressure as you slowly move your arm up overhead. You can also internally and externally rotate the shoulder to mobilize it. 

Rope Climbs
Rope climbs involve a lot of biceps and forearms. If you have it, wrap each forearm in voodoo floss and more your hand in every direction you can with your fingers extended. If you don’t have access to any, you can use a barbell to smash the forearm out. 

Place a barbell on the ground and put your forearm, palm up, next to the sleeve at the end. Use your free hand to lift the end of the barbell up and put it on your arm. You can control the pressure by how much you let the barbell settle on your arm. When you find adequate pressure, slowly roll the bar back and forth, stopping at any problem spots that need a bit more love. 

Remember that if you need anything else, come by our booth and we can get you all fixed up. You can come see us before your heat to get you ready or see us after to fix anything you felt wasn’t working properly. We also do Rock Tapping if your body needs any extra support. 

See you at the Slam!

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