Affiliate Summer Slam Mobility: WOD #3

WOD #3
Lift and Breathe 

  • 600m Run
  • 120 Snatches (40 per mat) – 135/83
  • 1000m Run (includes a sandbag run up Sargon Hill)
  • 120 Clean and Jerk (40 per mat) – 165/108
  • 600 Double Unders (200 per mat)

Workout #3 is my favorite out of them all. With the combination of running, lifting, then running up a hill with a sandbad, lifting again, and then a lot of jumping, you get plenty of everything in one workout.

This warm-up is going to be a little different. You can’t just plan a warm-up at this point because by now you’ve done two other full workouts plus a floater WOD. You are going to be hot, probably a bit tired, and definitely tight in some areas. Because everyone’s body reacts differently, your warm-up is going to be based on how you feel. Ask a few questions to take stock of your body:

  • How tight are your hips?
  • What do your ankles and calves feel?
  • How does your back feel?

Depending on how you answer those questions is going to dictate how you warm up for this workout. 

How tight are your hips?

We need to get them loose, get your glutes firing, and make your hamstrings fully active. We talked about how to get them going in the first article so instead of repeating myself, let me tell you why it’s crucial for this last workout. Every time you take a step, your glutes and lats slingshot you forward. If one of them is not doing their job, you are going to expending a lot of extra energy. 

After you get your hips mobile, performing a few Bird Dogs on each side to get them working exactly as they should. They are simple to perform, the trick is to do them slowly. 

Start on all fours and, while bracing your core, reach your right arm and left leg out at the same time. Hold for just a second or two at full extension and then bring things back together slowly. You can either set them back on the ground or just keep doing reps.  If you keep doing reps, there will be more of a contraction and can help you feel it quicker. Perform anywhere from 5 to 12 reps on each side and focus on squeezing your butt to extend your leg and your back to lift your arm. 

What do your ankles and calves feel?
The best prep you can do for this is to loosen up your feet and lower leg. To do so, get a lacrosse ball and roll the bottom of your foot all over it. Spend some extra time on the ball and arch of the foot but don’t neglect the heel. After that, do the same with your calf BUT work on the inside of it and the outside. 

If you sit cross legged, put a ball underneath your lower leg and roll up and down the length of the lower leg. After that, while still sitting, roll a ball along the top of your lower leg. No doubt you will find some tension in those areas that will make the running that much harder on your body. 

After you roll everything out, walk around a little bit to let your body adjust to the mobility and for you to feel what it’s now like. 

How does your back?

No doubt you are at the least a little tight somewhere in your back. All the bracing and pulling will eventually take it’s toll and your back will start to get tight somewhere. The upper back isn’t a bad place to feel some tightness but we want to make sure the lower back isn’t feeling tight. 

Before this last workout, you do want to make sure it’s strong but mobile. Using the same theories we’ve used before, we are going to stretch one part and roll another part. 

In this case, simply take a foam roller and run it over your back. Be sure to pay a little extra attention to the lower back by doing both sides of the lower back independently. Just tip your body to one side and roll the area between the bottom of your rib cage and the top of your pelvis. These are the muscles that tend to lock up on people.   

After everything is rolled over, do a few hollow holds or ab braces to turn your abs and obliques on. This should disengage the back a bit and bring the tension into the core where it should be to stabilize you. 

After you stand up, do some twisting to each direction and just make your entire body move a bit. It will allow everything to loosen up one more time before the event takes place. 

Give it all you got!
After this workout, the best I can do is wish you luck. I’m sure the final workout that hasn’t been posted will be nasty but you’ve come this far so why not give it one more. 

If you need any help with these tips or need any mobilization work done, come see us at our booth and we will get you fixed up and ready for the fight. 

Stay strong, be safe, and have fun tomorrow. It’s going to be a blast!!

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